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Posted by tlhuckins @tlhuckins, Jan 10 8:00pm

Hello. I have just received a positive ANA result. I had two patterns indicated. Nucleolar Pattern, 1:80, and Dense Fine Speckled Pattern, 1:320. My provider wanted to test me because I have been suffering with severe dry eye for almost two years now. Interestingly, all my other ENAs were negative (including SS-Ro and SS-La, the two antibodies associated with Sjogren’s Syndrome). My question is: my doctor called the nucleolar pattern the “more concerning” of the two results but that the titer was low enough to “maybe not be anything.” Do I consult with a Rheumatologist now? Is it warranted? I’m feeling confused and lost. Does anyone have any advice?

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I’m not sure about the numbers, but you should do some reading on a couple of websites that will explain it all and give you access to those of us who have Sjogrens.

This one is great for help from other Sjogren’s patients in how to deal with symptoms and all sorts of other things people run into when dealing with Sjogrens:


One is https://www.sjogrensadvocate.com

It was started by an MD who has Sjogrens. It has wonderful resources about diagnosis as well as many other information. Don’t try to read it all at once. Often a Sjogrens diagnosis takes years due to the varied nature of the manifestations if the disease. Basically, if you have many of the symptoms even if you don’t check all the boxes, you could be diagnosed from looking at the whole picture. Some doctors will not give the diagnosis unless you fill in all the boxes!

The other website is:
Getting on hydroxychloroquine as soon as possible can help prevent the progression and lessen the severity of many of the symptoms.

Good luck to you, you have to get educated and be your own advocate. I would recommend seeing a rheumatologist but not all rheumatologists are knowledgeable about Sjogrens or don’t treat it as the systemic disease it is, only calling it a dryness issue.

Take heart, there are treatments and there are lots of resources out there to help you!


I have MCTD, which consists of many overlap symptoms of Lupus. Plaquenil/hydroxichloroquine might be useful and you would visit a Rheumatologist. For dry eyes, and blurriness, I use Systane eye drops frequently during the day. For especially gritty days, I use a PM ointment. If you wear sunglasses outside, that can help with windy days. Other drafts, like an overhead fan, can also make eyes drier. My opthalmologist gave me Pataday, but there are also other RX remedies. Taking care of dry eyes can prevent cornea injury.

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