Dealing with pneumonia along with MAC. How to get rid of phlegm?

Posted by dee65 @dee65, Nov 2, 2021

I’ve been dealing with pneumonia for 10 days and can’t get rid of this all day coughing. Codeine cough syrup has helped me sleep. I’m nebulizing and taking antibiotics and steroids, along with my usual inhalers. I’m on my 6th box of tissue. Strangely enough I have no fever. Any hints on how to better rid this phlegm?

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Sorry to hear this. Pneumonia is miserable- what do they have you nebbing? I found a combination of duoneb, saline and my trusty Aerobika helped when I had bronchitis in May. Also you could try postural drainage- lying on each side and back with head lower than legs to encourage drainage.
There are herbal teas – Breathe Easy is one, that help get the mucus out too. If it is like my previous bouts, 3-4 weeks are typical.


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