PMR symptoms drastically improved during COVID/Omnicron infection.

Posted by marymv @marymv, Jan 6 3:18pm

I developed PMR Jan 26th of 2021 a day & half after my 2nd Pfizer vaccine. Dx in Apr /2021 started Prednisone 20mg now on 8mg. Weaning under 10mg has been a return to more stiffness & a limp until mid to late day. Developed cold like s/s Monday. I tested positive for COVID Monday night via PCR. Shockingly I woke up Monday with 75% less stiffness, pain & no limp. Its day 4 & PMR is still greatly improved. Is it possible that since developing PMR after my 2nd Pfizer vac a yr ago that having COVID has effected my immune response to PMR? Thank you.
Mary M

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Very interesting and I have no answer. I have like you questions about being on prednisone and Covid.I came down with pmr about 3weeks after my first Covid shot got my second shot when on 40 mg of prednisone and my booster when on 10 mg so I am not sure how effective these shots were. Being on prednisone you are automatically immune compromised. Because this is a serious concern it would be interesting to know how those of us in this situation have fair when infected with Covid. I realize we are all different and on different doses. I spoke with two doctors and they are really good physicians and just say do everything you can no to get Covid as we are compromised.

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