PMR and diverticulitis: Are steroids safe?

Posted by darkarta @darkarta, Oct 2, 2020

I am recently diagnosed with PMR.I also have diverticultis,diagnosed about 1 yr. ago.Things are OK in that regard.My Rheumatologist wants me on cortisone.I have reesearched it and the results of cortisone with diverticular disease an be serious-bowel perforaton.Any ideas?Comments

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Hello @darkarta, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You will notice that I changed the title of your discussion to hopefully bring in other members who have experience with taking steroids to treat PMR when you also have diverticulitis. The following Mayo Clinic News Network article discusses medications that can cause problems when you have diverticulitis. Weekend Wellness: Will diverticulitis come back?:

Have you discussed your concerns with your rheumatologist?


Hi John.I have discussed my concerns and he's a wonderful doctor who takes my issues seriously.We are talking about taking steroid sparing drugs,like Plaquinil(may have misspelt that) its an anti-malarial.Also, I am in Canada,so pot is legal and we have clinics with docs.,nurses etc.who take your med.history and prescribe.He's open to this but doubts that pot will be strong enough.I am thinking in terms of pain control.Thank you for your help.


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