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Please help

Posted by Anonymous-69e5115a in Heart & Blood Health, Dec 16, 2011

Many issues that are really scaring me.
Anxiety & panic attacks start suddenly for no real reason - symptoms :
Fast heart rate, shaking, short breath, dizzy, chest pain, stomach pains.

Also, close to my period (week or so prior) my anxiety is at it's worst.
Same symptoms as above but also fatigue, weakness, tingling ,nausea, that comes and goes - even when no panic or anxiety is present.
It just hits me for no reason at all.

Had tests done. Blood work , ECG , holters... All seems ok.

I just hate feeling this way. It disrupts my life a lot.

Can anyone relate?


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Posted by @nativefloridian, Dec 19, 2011

I don't have panic attacks but have suffered from anxiety and depression at different times. I have found it very helpful to see a doctor of medicine (preferably a psychiatrist) who was able to treat my symptoms with medication. I sometimes still have anxiety but I think it is normal under the circumstances (for example, before an exam at school or in a traffic jam when I am late for an appointment). It is also helpful to obtain counseling in the form of 'talk therapy' with a professional psychologist or licensed counselor. They are trained to listen (you'll never find a better listener!) well and then to help you to realize that there may be choices you have made that may be contributing to your anxiety (such as making appoiintments near rush hour, etc.). Sometimes we all just need someone else that is objective and unbiased to listen to our concerns and help us to sort out issues that need to be addressed in order for us to not feel so anxious or depressed, etc. Negative emotions and feelings are real and I believe they are signs to us that we need to take action in order to protect our own mental health. Take care of yourself first and then you can care for others! Happy holidays, I do hope you feel better soon.

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Posted by @linderb, Dec 21, 2011

I completely understand what you are feeling. I went through all of that too. A new symptom for me is palpitations.


Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 21, 2011

I get the palpitations as well.
It's probably the one symptom that bothers me the most.
Some days are worse than others.

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Posted by @pokie45, Dec 28, 2011

any one out there had anxiety and crying attacks and psychiatrist cannot do anythiing to help and wants to do electric shock therapy?

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Posted by @anon01345522, Dec 29, 2011

To all: A good family practitioner or a psychiatrist MD ( not a psychologist ) will be able to prescribe both medications ( anxiolytics and or antidepressants) and psychotherapy to control all your symptoms. In most cases the management is fairly straightforward.

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Posted by @lalazkids, Jan 11, 2012

I have been going through the same thing...have been getting tested for everything.I have been wearing a holter monitor for 2 weeks have two more to go. I went to an Endocrinologist to have them check out my Adrenal glads.If your adrenal glands are being affected it makes your ability to deal with stress very difficult.The test last about an hour and a half ,still waiting on results. Make sure you do research and ask the doctors to check all possibilities after all it is you having to go through it. I even have been going to a therapist to talk about stressors that have been causing the panics and she put me on a low dose Lorzapam until the panic is managed well under my control.Good luck!


Posted by @ponydreamer, Jan 12, 2012

sounds like i may be visiting an endocrinnologist. since it fels like when i have a panic attack i get an over load of . adrenalin. be careful of the lorazapan. i went through frightening withdrawals.


Posted by @lalazkids, Jan 12, 2012

You should look up the Adreanal fuctions and I will becareful with loraz...I take the smallest dose.


Posted by @lou0959, Jan 12, 2012

I've been dealing with something for the past 2 years. No one can tell me what it is. I've suffered with digestive issues and have been through many test. I've had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, barrium swallow test, 2 ultrasounds on my stomach area, gastric emptying study, 2 stress test, numerous heart tests, holter monitor etc. The doctors seem to think I'm suffering from anxiety and stress. It seems as though I have symptoms that are worse in the mornings thru about midday and I start feeling better as the day goes on. I feel dizzy for short peroids, nervous stomach, palpatations at times, just an overall worried feeling about nothing in particular. Feels like I experience almost like a out of body sensation. I know this sounds strange and sometimes I feel as though people think I'm crazy when I try and explain what I'm feeling. I'm lost on what's going on in my body ! I wish I could get some answers.


Posted by @lalazkids, Jan 12, 2012

We that have experienced panic attacks understand ..there is a website called Anxiety coach it gives ways to cope.really good info check it out.You need to also make sure your horomones are balanced again Endocrinologist.....they are able to help more than just a regular primary care physician.To me when it comes to anxiety.Also write out what exactly is happening when you have those attacks they are called trigger points.If you can identify what triggers aniexty you can learn to process through it(per my therapist).


Posted by @pcns0001, Jan 13, 2012

have the doctor give you buspar it sure has helped me for over 20 years by taking a low dose


Posted by @james37, Aug 10, 2012

You have just outlined exactly what I have been feeling over the last seven months. It's horrible and I don't know what to do. I fear taking medication so I won't see a psychiatrist. You are not alone.


Posted by @anon22107581, Jan 29, 2012

I am dealing with that too . I told
Myself calm down your gonna be okey ?I still have it until now I ask the lord to help me


Posted by @anon14369424, Apr 29, 2013

Read 'A Life At Last' by Paul David. It Really helped me.i Struggled with severe anxiety, panic disorder, chronic depression for over 20 yrs. And dont forget to have faith and pray.

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