Planning Visit for Epilepsy

Posted by Sam_Nova @sam_nova, Jan 11, 2018


I’m planning to make a trip to the Mayo Clinic to get reevaluated for my current condition. I been living with Epilepsy (Grand Mal Seizure) since I was 13 years old, now I’m 51. Over most of my life, I have been lucky where one medication (Dilantin) has controlled my seizures. Over the last three years I have been having seizures again, lately I had six seizures over the last five months. So I plan to fly out to a Mayo Clinic very soon, but would like more details from those that have been to the clinic. Here a list of questions.

Out of all the Mayo clinics out there, which one has the latest and most advance diagnosis tools for Epilepsy? I’m hoping with the latest diagnosis, they can isolate which part of my brain is giving me issues.

I’m been told that I would need to spend 5 to 7 business days. Just looking for a basic Idea what happens during this time, I understand that each person visit is different.

I’ll have to stay at a Hotel for my visit. Are there places pretty close to the clinic? I’ll will not be allow to drive.

During this test period, does a single Doctor work with you or is it more like a team of Doctors?

Anything else that you can think of would be very help.

Thank You

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Thank you all for your feedback.

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