Can you be prescribed a Placebo with your knowledge?

Posted by ccarpenter @ccarpenter, Sep 19, 2022

If a Dr. gives you placebo, do they have to tell you? Before, after, during our ever?

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Hi @ccarpenter I found an archived article on WebMD
Here’s an excerpt from the article regarding the Placebo Effect.

The official policy of the American Medical Association:
“Use of a placebo without the patient's knowledge may undermine trust, compromise the patient-physician relationship, and result in medical harm to the patient.
A placebo must not be given merely to mollify a difficult patient, because doing so serves the convenience of the physician more than it promotes the patient's welfare.
Physicians may use placebos for diagnosis or treatment only if the patient is informed of and agrees to its use.
That last point seems tricky. How can a fake drug work if a patient knows it is fake?

The AMA policy says doctors should explain to patients that they can better understand their condition if they try different medicines, including a placebo. If the patient agrees to this, the doctor does not have to identify which medicine is fake, nor does the doctor have to get the patient's specific consent before giving the patient the fake treatment.”

Are you questioning a medication from your doctor that doesn’t seem to be working?

You can also check with a drug identifier online such as
Have you checked with your pharmacist?

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