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Pituitary Cordoma

Posted by @shawnpaul in Brain Tumor, Apr 4, 2012

My father is currently in the ICU at the Minnesota clinic. He was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor 10 years ago. Back then my dad was only the 3rd person in US medical history to have this particular tumor. He received Gama-Knife radiation surgery 10 years ago at Mayo to shrink the tumor as physical entry was "certain death". The tumor grew back and doubled in size and is now pressing against his optic nerves and brain stem. His prognosis is 6 months. I am wondering if anyone since my father has ever been diagnosed with this particular type of brain tumor, or is my dad still only #3?

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Posted by @carolina2501, Sep 17, 2015

Mi husbando was diagnosed with pituitary tumar on May 2014. He received a laparoscopic surgery, but the doctors could not extract all he tumor. At the end of 2014 he received a proton therapy, Now the tumor is in the same size. But the brian was affected with the radiation, and now he has brain radiation necrosis (a little bite.

How is your father now? What traitments did he receive?


Posted by @shawnpaul, Sep 17, 2015

After 11 years my father passed away February 27, 2014. After his very last visit to Mayo (the one mentioned above) he was essentially told there was nothing more that could medically be done to prevent the inevitable. Mayo inserted a permanent, enclosed shunt that allowed excess cranial fluid to drain into his abdomen and was reabsorbed by the body. The tumor itself, although shunk, was never going to be gone. However, due to his 3 Gama Knife procedures his pituitary gland was completely disseminated and he not longer had function of his endocrine or immune system.
After a year and a half back home you progressively and swiftly towards the end went down hill. He went from walking and talking to bed ridden in 16 months. Essentially the brain tumor itself split and started growing towards his brain stem and cause his system to systematically shutdown.
My father passed away at home ultimately from a coronary episode in conjunction with plural drowning from fluid build up.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please take this time to enjoy the moments you have now. The end may come sonner that anyone thinks. PEACE.


Posted by @carolina2501, Sep 17, 2015

Thanks for your comments. RIP for your father. Sorry abut my english, I am
a latin person.
The tumor of your father was maligne o benigne?

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