Phage therapy - Bacteriophage therapy to be precise!

Posted by dispatchpat @dispatchpat, Mar 20 8:24pm

Phage therapy – i’ve been looking around for clinical trials with regards to phage therapy and MAC but today I stumbled upon a YouTube posted panel discussion of physicians who are not waiting for the FDA approval through the process of clinical trials. I don’t think it even has to be for compassionate use, but phage therapy on demand. Has anyone had any experience or been curious like I am about the promise of this therapy? I’m including the YouTube link.

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Want to correct earlier assumption/wishful thinking in my post. Much longer time horizon if you listen to these pioneers in the field of phage therapy with specific focus on NTM

This doesn’t mean we give up hope but get creative in ways to put pressure/support out there for the professionals working in this field that holds so much promise for us.


UCSD does phage therapy. I go to a clinic there that deals with bronchiectasis. They will recommend phage but you have to try everything else first and be at a pretty critical stage before they they will recommend it. My doctor also told me that even if he manages to eradicate pseudomonas it will almost for sure come back so it’s kind of a constant battle.


I’m so glad to hear from you as you are truly “in it!” I really hope you aren’t at the critical stage you mentioned and can buy time for the science and commercial viability to catch up. My own hopes for myself are to work the airway clearance therapies and other useful strategies to be able to refrain from the big three (or four!) antibiotics. I’m newly diagnosed with only MAC. Thank you so much for being a part of this generous and valuable group. Are you also on the FB group Lung Matters?


No I’m not. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the heads up.

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