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Perthes Disease (Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease/Syndrome)

Posted by @lammersk, Sep 2, 2011

Hi, my 7 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Perthes Disease. Although, she is under great medical care, I have not met anyone who has been through this before. I have many questions. My daughter is a very happy little girl who is also very active. I am concerned about the level of activity that she is supposed to have. Her doctor here in Florida only told me that she was not allowed to do P.E., run, jump, and in general, that she was supposed to not stress that leg. However, he did not recommend any therapy. Anyone?



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Posted by @gymnasticsmom42, Nov 1, 2012

My daughter was diagnosed at age 10. She was put into a wheel chair and on crutches for two years. She did aqua therapy during that time. The doctors said it helped her. It has been three years since her first hip problem that led to this diagnosis. She has been through two surgerys and lots of physical and aqua therapy. She still has to have a hip replacement we are hoping not for a couple more years. The reason hers was so bad is she wasn’t diagnosed until almost 11. Your daughter has a better chance only being 7. Most cases of this heal within 3 years. Good Luck

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