Persistent heart palpitations

Posted by ompha @ompha, Aug 7, 2021

Used antivan for 12 days, did not help , my doctor has switched me to indoblok 40mg it's also not even slowing down
Can one live with palpitations for a long time?

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I would strongly urge you to see a cardiologist. Your persistent palpitations might actually be AFIB, which is treatable.


Hi Ompha and welcome to Mayo Connect. We are a group of paients who share our own experiences in the hopes to help others understand what they may be experiencing. But on that note we are not medical perfessionals and can't give any particular recommendations but we also enjoy community about sharing ideas and suggestions to live with our conditions.
As for palpitations I have experienced them also but usually for short periods of less than a hour and usually they would subside with a bit of relaxation. So if your experiencing then for long periods and many days I would say to see a cardiologist and realize there are specialist even withing cardiology. I'm thinking if it's due to an electrical issue then an EP cardiologist is the specialist EP stands for Eletro-physiologist who also separate into either AFIB or VT which is either upper (afib) or lower (vt) heart issues. Probably start off with a general cardiologist and they can suggest a plan on who else to see. During my period of VT I saw both a regular cardiologist for the plumbing I like to call it and a EP for the electrical areas. Hope that helps and please share more as you get some additional answers. We have lots of others who have a variety of experiences.


Regarding palpitations for a long time. Do you consider 81 years a long time? I do. I remember sitting in my third grade class and counting my heart beat just inside my ears. I have even caught a few med people miscounting or even cheating for whatever reason. I usually count my heartbeat at the same time the nurse is counting. Most of the time we agree within 2 or 3 bpm. I also double up my O2 sensor count, or my blood pressure sensor, and am usually very close. Right now my bpm has gone down from around 75-80 to 45-50. Not sure why. Probably just cutting down on my insulin. I have several insulin-resistant genes, although it might be my Walker-Warburg or CPVT, I have read. Or even just my good looks and political aspirations. oldkarl


Have you had any luck finding out anything about your palpitations? Ive been through all the heart test and everything is normal, but still having palpitations.

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