perimenopause & paresthesia

Posted by madison2023 @madison2023, Jan 11 9:22am

I am 51 years old and have been having strange symptoms for 7 weeks now. I have cold sensations (feels like icy hot) that run down my neck/upper back and into my arms and sometimes my legs. Often I get pins and needles feelings in my arms, legs, hands, and feet. Sometimes I get an overwhelming feeling of heaviness in my body. I have full strength though, and exercise regularly. My MRI was normal. Blood tests have confirmed I am in perimenopause. Thyroid and Vitamin D levels are fine, but B-12 is low (now taking supplements). In a few weeks when they re-check B-12, they will test for lyme and autoimmune diseases. Next step would be a nerve study. I have been to my family physician, a neurologist, OBGYN, and cardiologist. Personally I feel that this is related to perimenopause and low B-12, but no one is really acknowledging that. I also feel that anxiety is playing a role. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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