Pelvic floor therapy for chronic scrotal content pain (CSCP)

Posted by subarulegacy99 @subarulegacy99, Apr 13, 2020

anyone gone to physical therapy ,male pelvic therapy for scrotal content pain chronic

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Hello @subarulegacy99 and welcome to Connect. I'm sorry to hear about your chronic pain. Is PT the first way you are dealing with the pain or have you tried other methods?


no been going to mayo urology for over twenty years and havent gotten any where once had a referal to pt on bellinger street at luther but couldn go due to work desperate enough to try again


@subarulegacy99 I had some weird myofacial pain syndrome where I had abdominal tension and, with that, some type of pelvic floor dysfunction. None of that was very fun. I had some pain in the you know what area, too, like you did. I think that maps to region S1 / S2 as far as the dermatome concept goes with referred pain. Said differently, referred pain to the groin could be caused by nerve pinches in your lubral / saccral region of your spine (that is almost certainly what I had). Of course, that could cause pelvic floor issues or the pain could be from the pelvic floor tension. I found that two things really helped me a lot. First, in my two years of chronic myofascial pain, I had own protocol with all supplements (lots of different flavinoids (ORAC green energy), and many supplment flavinoids and higher Vitamin C (<2000 mg/day split up with meals), etc., and hemp seed oil, and turmeric, milk thistle extract, ginger, etc.. These definitely helped my neuropathic and sciatica pain which, I believe comes from muscle tension in various areas (much better now but abdominals, glutes, leg muscle tension generated pain). However, some of my symptoms match up with a neuropathy, too. That's the really short version of my supplment program- but the supplements I use have really cut my pain. So did doing the TRX core suspension exercises and some Pilates reformer exercises (I have bulges, stenosis), etc. in my lower lumbar discs, too but all my pain including nerve pain is from tight muscles clamping on nerves. Strengthening and working particular muscles greatly helped reduce / eliminate my pain.. A lot of the Pilates reformer exercises (especially Pikes and crunches with some resistance) work the pelvic floor (as does a lot of the TRX suspension exercises). As long as I stretch, exercise and take my supplements I’m now pain free (it is often muscular tension that causes the pain; a vicious cycle). These approaches cut my pain and I'm no longer on antidepressants for nerve pain. My exercise program is robust – some might not be up to it – but do what you can. Almost all those core exercises in the TRX suspension series and my Pilates reformer exercises keep the spine straight and should do no harm. Some good books about pain are: "life after pain" by Dr. Jonathan Kuttner (who discusses centralization; he has some programs that deal with this online). "Life after pain" is a $10.00 book and easy to read. However, you'd have to buy some of his other stuff to really get the treatment detail – but some is affordable and online. Also, Dr. Greg Fors, "Why we hurt and how we heal". He discusses a lot and speaks about diet a lot in his book. So, all that being said, have you (and anyone else) looked at your diet? Add lots of green stuff – including supplements. Be sure to monitor blood pressure on supplements as they can alter it. Also, research the doses you need and don't over do those, either. Good luck.

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