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Posted by @bink in Transplants, Sep 19, 2012

Would like any info on where to find info and assistance with the cost of having a liver transplant ?? any info is very much appreciated .
thanks casey

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Posted by @asurfpro, Sep 27, 2012

I also would like to know, I have also asked questions and noby replies. Have you had any replies? Robert (Holladay, Utah

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Posted by @rosemarya, Oct 7, 2012

I suggest that you start with the transplant center where you are a patient. Also you might look at where there is a link to financial assistance. Another resource is American Liver Foundation at
You might even give a phone call to your local organ donor affiliate group who would have more knowledge of resources in your own immediate area.
I hope this helps.

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Posted by @tommym, Oct 17, 2012

There are different programs per state and whether or not the potential recipient is an adult or child. Fundraising sites exist. is good place to start. Some guidelines ans suggestions for success here


Posted by @bink, Oct 19, 2012

Thank You Tommy , very much 🙂


Posted by @drdannyellisii, Jan 7, 2013

Liver Transplant itself costs @$600,000...

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