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Patient Advocacy at Mayo-Jacksonville

Posted by @fayrankin, Sep 4, 2011

My 87-year old mother just returned from what she describes as a very chaotic, dis-organized and unsuccessful 2 day visit to Jacksonville. A friend took her as I live across the county but it appears if she is to achieve better satisfaction in her return visit that I am going to have to take an active role in finding out why her first visit was such a calamity and what the intent of her second visit ( a 12-hour round trip) is.

If anyone know of an appropriate office to contact within Mayos to begin my efforts to assist her which will include flying to Florida and accompanying her on the next visit. This is, of course, if there is a next visit. In many, many years, i have never heard such a dismal account of a Mayo visit.

Obviously, this is just a plain old nuts and bolts issue about what to do when the system just hasn’t worked right and any advice will be appreciated.



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Posted by @mel101, Oct 22, 2011

I would start by contacting the social service office.


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Posted by @lindsley, Nov 3, 2011

Try the Office of Patient Affairs.

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