What's your follow-up after partial nephrectomy for kidney cancer?

Posted by pamcaponio @pamcaponio, Sep 29 1:54pm

I had a 5c malignant tumor removed from my left pole of kidney A year ago Oct 12 2021. I have had 2 cat scans since that were clear of abdomen and pelvic. Going for my yearly and dr wants a chest X-ray. I guess to make sure nothing there. My question is do any of you still have some pain from time to time on your surgery side?

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Welcome @pamcaponio. It sounds like your oncologist is adding a chest X-ray to your follow-up at the one year mark just to be sure your lungs are clear. This is pretty standard. Fellow members @ibw295 @darlia @sally0526 @jimchardy can share their experiences with follow-up schedules. In fact @azkidney57 posted her questions about followup in this related discussion:
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Pam, you mention that you still have some pain occassionally on the surgical side. This related discussion might also interest you.
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Have you talked to your surgeon about possible scar tissue or asked about the pain? This might be something to bring up at your yearly check in.

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