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I'm a caregiver - Can anyone help me to know what to say, how to pray?

Posted by @lindaann in Parkinson's Disease, Jun 27, 2012

I am a care giver for two people with Parkinson disease. Can anyone help me to know what to say, how to pray for them?


Posted by @anon63349664, Jul 19, 2012

I was diagnosed 3 years ago. Meditation really helps me along with massage and acupuncture. Whenever my thoughts become fearful or negative I concentrate on the present. I think of what I can do not what I can't. I am 56 and I can still think of what I can do for others. Life is too short to waste any time. I pray every day for strength and direction.


Posted by @mary2017, 6 days ago

I'm just new to this site and am looking forward to learning lots. I am going to tell my son about the massage and acupuncture which sounds very interesting. I will also mention this website and address to him and his wife. Thanks for sharing. May God give you the strength and direction you are praying for.


Posted by @mary2017, 6 days ago

My son was recently diagnosed. I just pray that God will take care of him and give us family members hope and strength. Just one day at a time, like the song says. I think it's hard for the spouse, I want to uphold her in prayer as well. I know she struggles.


Posted by @colleenyoung, 6 days ago

Welcome to Connect, Mary. I hope that you and perhaps your son and/or his spouse can find connection and community with the members of Connect. Here are relevant links you can share with them:

- Parkinson's group
- Caregiver's group

I'd like to introduce you to Teresa, @hopeful33250, who always knows just what to say.


Posted by @hopeful33250, 5 days ago

@mary2017 Hi Mary: I'm sorry to hear of your son's diagnosis of Parkinson's. It represents a big unknown, doesn't it? However, lots of us live pretty full lives in spite of PD. It is important to exercise, get involved with a support group and keep positive. Please feel free to share some more of your son's symptoms, age,is he a veteran etc. We have many members with PD and all of different ages who can be very supportive. We also have many caregivers of PD patients. I'd like to introduce you to some of them and ask that they introduce themselves to you, @chrisj2491 @denie57 @johnjames @trouble4343 @ggopher @tntredhead @aperob @caryp43 @burgle @macbeth @knightkris and share their experiences as well. Teresa


Posted by @mary2017, 5 days ago

Thank you for the email. He is 50 years young, and we think he had parkinson's for many years. He lost his sense of smell about 15 or so years ago, and would doctor occasionally but no diagnosis. They told him it was a tremor ( I forget the name) and was harmless.He found a doctor a year ago, who sent him to a Neurologist who diagnosed him the minute my son got out of the chair to walk to the doctor. He was diagnosed on September 20, 2016. We will never forget that day. He has a medication which helps, as he now sleeps and has more energy. It is so sad he had to go all those years feeling so tired he could hardly function. It breaks my heart.I pointed them to the Mayo website and they (wife and he) say they have been here. So that is good.They are doing research on their own also, and we have seen the Michael J Fox website on parkinson's. Thanks for caring, Mary


Posted by @hopeful33250, 4 days ago

@mary2017 Yes, I know the feeling, I had the insurmountable fatigue before I was diagnosed, It was a tough time. My symptoms started in my late 40's and was diagnosed about 15 years later. I began to fall and that prompted me to find a doctor and look for answers. If your son and his wife can find a Parkinson's support group that would be very helpful to them. He will find encouragement and support from others who are traveling the same road. The National Parkinson's Foundation lists support groups on their website that are all over the country. What area do they live in? Exercise classes and physical therapy are especially good. Activity and exercise are the most important ways to delay disability. The social aspect of an exercise class is also very important. The exercise also helps to raise the mood which does tend to be a problem with any brain disorder like Parkinson's. Perhaps some others can lend some helpful tips, @chrisj2491 @denie57 @johnjames @trouble4343 @ggopher @tntredhead @aperob @caryp43 @burgle @macbeth @knightkris . Feel free to share whenever you feel like it, Mary. We are here for you! Teresa

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