PARI great company!

Posted by harrynsc @harrynsc, Nov 4 4:24pm

On Wednesday afternoon, my PARI nebulizer just quit. Very little
airflow. It was nine months old, so Thursday morning I went to
Walgreen's and they said I would have to contact the manufacturer.
Called them at 11 a.m. and the nice lady said it sounded like it
was a failure and she was going to ship me one overnight for
free. Got it Friday at 10 a.m. Works great!

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Was it the Pari Vios? The green one? That one fails ALOT and after exchanging several, I switched to the ProNeb Max from Pari. I also just ordered an Ombra set up to try.


In addition to getting a powerful machine, customer service really matters. Happy to hear that the Pari company came through. They have an excellent reputation and make a very good machine.

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