Paresthesia from Benzo Withdrawl ?

Posted by paromita87 @paromita87, Apr 27, 2022


I was taking 2 mg Ativan daily as per my doctors advise.

she then suddenly asked me if I have a pill cutter and I said no.
So she told me to take one 0.25mg Klonopin and 1 mg ativan.

I only took two 0.25mg Kolomopin two times and then stopped.
I am experiencing some Paresthesia (pins and needles). do you think it would be from stopping the K or suddenly cutting out the dosafe on Ativan?

Will this go away or permanent. Really scared.
Thanks, mita

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I got that from mirtazipine. Once I was off mirtazipine it went away. I hope yours goes away.

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