Does a kidney transplant help the pancreas calm down?

Posted by cathyherman @cathyherman, Nov 1, 2021

Type 1 Diabetic since I was 9. I’m 57 and stage 5 kidney failure. Being evaluated for a pancreas/kidney transplants. Denied pancreas transplant because doctors were concerned that surgery and recovery would be extremely challenging due to my poor and declining health and underlying condition type1 diabetic.Okay for kidney transplant . My pancreas is failing as I wait for kidney transplant. I’m taking Creon 12,000 USP units. Colonoscopy and endoscopic done in October . Dr. was concerned everything was very swollen,pale and irritated. All the side effects listed when on Creon. Any input appreciated. Does a kidney transplant help the pancreas calm down. Food is a foreign body to my stomach. My sister wants me to do a pic line so my insides can recover. Now I’m worried to weak and underweight for kidney transplant.

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It’s not the waiting. My questions aren’t being directly answered . Transplant Hospital Cordinator’s are not familiar with UNOS updates and changes. Life or death for me. One transplant hospital told me I had 3 years to live. I need a living donor to save my life!

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Anyone in need of transplant is welcome to get a second opinion or to be multiple listed at more than one transplant center. If one place is telling you that you are too decompensated to be listed, others may tell you the same thing, but you won’t know until you ask.

Have you considered a second opinion at another transplant center?

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