Pain And Changes In Weather...Am I Alone????

Posted by cahnny @cahnny, Sep 10, 2016

I’ve read articles saying that changes in weather can effect severity of pain and, of course, there’s the old timers who swear the old bones ache when it’s gonna rain. Well I guess, at 70 years old, I’m now an old timer and, let me tell you…my old bones and muscles, and skin, and hair HURT. There are days I hurt from neuropathy and Morton’s Neuroma in my feet and legs, to profound itching along my degenerating spine (I think due to pinches nerves), to aching joints, swollen cysts behind my arthritic knees, gut discomfort from IBS, pinched nerves EVERYWHERE to neck pain that goes down my arms, to skin that just feels sore and tingly. I’m talking all these things all at the same time. It’s like someone flipped a switch and lit me up like a roman candle. One doctor will say…that could very well be. Another doctor will say poppy cock. Well poppy cock this…I know my body and I know how it feels and I know it’s not in my head. Now it might be coming FROM my head…as in mixed up signals from the brain saying YOU’RE IN PAIN but the pain and sensations are real.

I needed a new bedside alarm clock so purchased a clock that also provides barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity readings. It seems, without fail, on days when there is a dramatic swing in barometric pressure my body goes into all over intense pain mode. Do any of you have the same experiences??? I’m not talking just a little aching. I’m talking REAL discomfort.

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@cahnny Don't worry about comments and keeping up with this site. You're doing great! What distractions can you find today?

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@winney hahahha….well today I'm trying to get a response from my primary so I can get a referral for my endo specialist. It seems since I haven't seen him for 3 years, I'm considered a new patient and I need a new referral. That seems crazy since he took care of me for years. It's just that since I was staying so level on my regular thyroid tests he let my primary take over sending in refills for my medication. My primary isn't even an MD. He's a practicing physician's assistant and sometimes not very responsive. I woke up early today…lots of pinched nerve pain. It's pouring rain so guess it's par for the course.

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