Pain and Parkinson's

Posted by susan62 @susan62, Aug 10, 2018

Hi, I am wondering if anyone with PD has had or has pain in one of their arms like me. It seems to move all over my right arm. Sometimes it is a strong aching feeling. Sometimes it is a numb feeling and sometimes it is a burning feeling. Sometimes it seems to start in my middle finger and moves down into the palm. It feels like a deep ache then. Sometimes it starts with a numb feeling in my elbow and sometimes the numbness spreads onto the top of my forearm. It can be like a burning sensation too. Sometimes it is in my upper arm (shoulder and underarm) and goes up into my shoulder and neck. It is more of a sharp pain then. It lessens and worsens. Comes and goes. Happens more during the evening, but also from time in the day. Any input would be great. Thx

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Hi, @susan62 — I'm sorry you are experiencing this pain in your arm. Seems like it's quite a range of different sensations with strong aching, numbness, burning and sharpness.

I'm hoping that some of our members who have talked about Parkinson's in themselves or loved ones, especially who have mentioned pain, might have input for you and this arm pain, like @springwater @nyparkie @mariemarie @brittalisse and @hopeful33250.

When this pain comes on, @susan62, have you found anything that relieves it at all?


Thx Lisa for the names of other people with PD who have dealt with pain. As far as helping with the pain I have found nothing that works. Ibuprofen, Tylenol. Aleve, etc don’t seem to help at all. I try to manipulate and stretch it, but that doesn’t seem to help either. Thank God it dissipates for awhile. I excercise regularly walking 3-4 miles a day, am constantly on my feet moving around doing tasks and drinking more water as one man suggested. I can live with the other symptoms, but the pain gets me down. Seeing a neurologist on Tuesday. Hopefully can help with this. Thx

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