Epilepsy vs. having a seizure

Posted by oyeks @oyeks, Mar 16, 2020

Is epilepsy different from seizure

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A seizure is often a single occurrence.
Epilepsy is a neurological condition due to a sudden burst of abnormal electrical activity which interferes with the normal communications between cells.
A diagnosis of Epilepsy is generally given after a person has two or more unprovoked seizures which are seizures with an unknown cause.
A provoked Seizure could be an infection, brain tumor or if someone were in an automobile accident and sustained head trauma or if they had a high fever or perhaps sodium or other metabolite issues. Epilepsy isn't always an easy condition to diagnose and sadly it’s frequently misdiagnosed. It is rarely cured but often the seizures are controlled, usually in 70% of people.

Have you had a seizure?

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