Olfactory groove meningioma

Posted by averagewoman @averagewoman, Jun 18, 2018

I've been having regular MRI's for almost 10 years. My last two have shown growth, and my neurologist says it's time to have it removed. Since I am having parathyroid surgery Friday, he said it's okay for it to wait a year. Has anyone had olfactory groove meningioma surgery?

Hi, @averagewoman — firstly, I wanted to apologize that your post has somehow escaped notice till now. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Glad you posted here.

Sounds like you and your neurologist have been very vigilant with actively watching and monitoring your situation, which is wise.

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How did your parathyroid surgery go, @averagewoman? How are you feeling about the olfactory groove meningioma surgery coming up next year?

The parathyroid surgery went okay on June 22, but it resulted in Graves Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease (double vision, distorted poor vision, yuck). So, I've been dealing with that with the pending doom of the meningioma surgery in the back of my mind. I get an MRI in May and will see what the surgeon says is necessary at that time. I hope it doesn't grow again. Thanks for writing to me. I'll be checking out the links.

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