Oily skin caused by using CPAP?

Posted by rfries @rfries, Oct 21, 2020

Here's a curious one. When I wake my skin is super oily on the forehead, eyelids and bridge of nose. The oil can burn my eyes. It is obviously caused by the CPAP. The amount of oil doesn't seem to correlate with anything like mask seal or events but might depend on hours of usage.

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Hi @rfries, You will notice I changed the title of your discussion to describe your question a little better and help other members find it who may have some thoughts or suggestions.

I think you mentioned you have been using a CPAP for a couple of months. What type of CPAP mask are you using? Do you think you may have a silicone allergy and the mask is causing it? Has it been oily since you started using the CPAP?


I wrote a long reply with the history of my oily skin and it went away before I could send it. Maybe it was too long. Basically I was wondering if others have had the same. I do inject testosterone and REM sleep may result in the production of more and I know that testosterone causes oily skin around the eyes. Also I workout with weights and that does increase testosterone. Or maybe this has no basis in medicine. I will see my doctor Friday and will ask him.


My mask is the hybrid ResMed F30 and no I have no allergies other than the usual suspects like ragweed. It is really interesting to me that this is apparently not a common side affect.


In case others experience this oil problem, here's what my doctor said. Being unaccustomed to wearing a mask the body could sweat and that would result in oily skin. I've been awake now for 2 hours after a prerry good night (5 events per hour and over 8 hrs. usage) and the oil is still bothering my eyes. I am wiping oil off my eyelids. I have naturally oily skin but not like this. I am waiting for results from blood test measuring free testosterone level. Since starting CPAP I have reduced my testosterone injections by 30%. I have experienced this oil problem before, without CPAP, with high testosterone, the production of which can seem to go out of control at times.

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