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Posted by lsittll @lsittll, Jul 30, 2020

Last night I had a very odd seizure. I gasped several times. About twenty years ago I would have my usual seizure (which is like a nightmare, because I only call out my name), Afterwards I would gasp a few times. Because I lived in an apartment filled with mold and mildew and am very allergic to both things I asked my allergist if it could be my allergies. He told me no to ask my neurologist. My neurologist said there were gasping seizures. We never discussed that I gasp. I began to have gasping seizures only almost two years ago .Last night I had the strangest one of all. I gasped several times only ((I can hear myself when having a seizure). Afterwards I felt like I had an odd sensation in my lower trachea. I definitely will discuss this with my doctor when I see my neurologist in September. Until then I hope I never have one like that again! I know sometimes I am odd but to have such an odd seizure!

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So do you only have Psychomotor seizures or do you have other types? I was wondering if the seizure you described was nocturnal? What is this seizure similar to your other Jacksonian seizures except for the gasping? Are you sure it wasn’t the ictal cry during the Tonic phase of a Tonic Clonic seizure since muscle spasms can disrupt or stop breathing?
If you were standing during this seizure did you remain standing? Did anyone witness this seizure? Did you bite your tongue and or cheek? I don’t know if mold and mildew can actually cause seizures although mold is or can be toxic. Have you ever been tested to see if you’re allergic to it? Definitely a good question for you Neurologist, please let us know what he says.


Jake ;

I have been tested for many things and mildew and mold were two that I was found allergic to. The allergist said it was not the allergies. I supposed if it was that the gasping was related to my allergies that it would have occurred at other times of the day. I only have psychomotor nocturnal seizures.I don't have Tonic Clonic . No one else witnessed the seizure. I live alone.I did not bite my tongue or cheek. I have had a gasping seizure only while I was standing a while ago. I remained standing, I did not fall.

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@jakeduck my neurologist asked if I had my breathing checked recently. When I told my internist about the seizure he said "that's no seizure! A seizure is only when you shake. Thant is the last time I will ever see him. He's an old doc doesn't keep up to date on things. Where did he get his catalog degree? No one doubts my neurologist!


Good morning Laurie,
Such an incompetent comment from a physician. That doctor probably thinks your having seizures are caused by being possessed and that they are contagious too. I’m surprised he didn’t suggest an exorcism. Misinformation promotes the stigma of seizures/Epilepsy. Such stupidity is inexcusable especially form a doctor.
Glad to hear you escaped his evil clutches.
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I mainly have seizures in my sleep but I do have them awake as well… I shake, lock up, puke, pee in myself, gasp and sometimes I've even aspirated with the vomit. I take 1 1/2 1000mg kepra 2x daily and still it happens. My 5 year old neice just recently found me gurgling in my bed covered in urine.. scared of doctors cause all they wanna do is put a pace maker in my brain… Ten years then I will be dead.

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