Nursing Occupational theory

Posted by cmcclure @cmcclure, Mar 15, 2018

hello i am looking for information to support my theory that working at prison with hospice patients HIV, TB ect these patients carried this bacteria and by taking care of them treating vent wing, bathing, ect I contracted MAC infection , I am have no immune compromising illnesses except maybe the increased stress that came with the work itself… It dam near killed me and I want some one to answer or at least entertain the thought the occupational work attributed to the its cause. Thank you to all and anyone that can point me in the right direction it will be sincerely appreciated.


I contracted MAC in the hospital after having lung surgery and then many complications. I definitely have anger at times. The Bronchiectasis came right along with the MAC. I was amazed at how fast it hit. My infectous Disease doctors have told me it’s not contagious. I’ve been on the big three for 2 1/2 yrs. Hope to go off it soon. Currently,I am in the hospital due to influenza. Strange because I always get the flu shot and because it’s so late in the year.

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@tamarrillo2 Did the flu land you in the hospital?


@cmcclure ,thank you for your interesting post, there has been questions as to if this MAC is contagious but no definite answer yet that I know of. Ask your Dr who you should report this too, it would be good to know if this is possible, I do not see how it is not possible, most other infections are contageous. Stress does affect the immune system so could have put you more at risk around these patients but we all need to know if it is contagious.

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@cmcclure Do you know if you have bronchiectasis?

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