Nosebleed and cough

Posted by gabyc @gabyc, Nov 5, 2018

My son has been having a bad cough and recently started getting nosebleeds. Is that normal? He's only 2 1/2 years old.

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Hi @gabyc and welcome to Connect! Having a sick child, especially at a young age, must be so nerve-wracking.

I wanted to point out some resources for you as you try to figure out what to do to help your son with these nosebleeds.

Healthline, Nosebleeds in Children: Causes, Treatment, Prevention (
Mayo Clinic, Nosebleeds (

A common theme in these articles is dry air listed as a cause of nosebleeds. Have you tried putting a humidifier in his room?

I also wanted to point out this discussion on a Chronic Cough for a four year old ( you may be able to find some guidance on how to approach the cough.

I also wanted to tag @krishnareddy84 who may be able to offer support for you as you look to hep your son.

@gabyc, how often are the nosebleeds occurring? And how long has he had this cough? Have you consulted your pediatrician about this?

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