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Nose surgery was done at Mayo Clinic 15 months ago with two [...]

Posted by @samanthasavannah in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Apr 4, 2014

Nose surgery was done at Mayo Clinic 15 months ago with two doctors. They did a total abortion on my nose. Seven other doctors wouldn't touch me after this surgery. I had to find a real Plastic Surgeon to have a total reconstruction of my nose and it cost me over $12,000 out of my pocket. Mayo will take NO RESPONSIBILITY, they claim everything was done correctly. Yeah right!!
Finally able to breath again!

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Apr 4, 2014

We’re sorry you feel your experience at Mayo Clinic was unsatisfactory. We have an Office of Patient Experience, and if you wish, you can call and talk to them about your concerns. (Minnesota: 507-284-4988; Florida: 904-953-2019; Arizona: 480-301-4938)


Posted by @samanthasavannah, Apr 4, 2014

Spoke to Office of Patient Experience in Jax. Florida where I had the surgery and they sent me a letter saying doctors did nothing wrong and how happy i was with my nose, TOTAL LIES! They were totally useless in Florida. Doctor offered to do 60 minute treatment room surgery to fix problem, but many other doctors told me IMPOSSIBLE, MY WHOLE LEFT SIDE OF NOSE WAS COLLAPSED after 7 hours of being under anesthesia. And my septum that was supposedly fixed on the right side was NOW 100% now blocking my left nostril.
Have to travel 3 hours each way now to doctor who would take my case, board 2 dogs, get hotel rooms each time to be by doctor for post op. appts. Two weeks post op and now have air coming through my nose,


Posted by @dbennett24, Nov 7, 2014

why did they do nose surgery" ? just wondered for I think I need it to get the left side of nose to feel better .

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