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Posted by @greenfly, Jan 30, 2012

I had an epsoide that might be considered a TIA, but what threw the doctors is that I had no movement or feeling on my right side. I was in ICU for 2 days, regain all my movement. Nothing showed up in any test, and after months of going to the doctors, I have arthrits in my neck. C5 I think.. but what really got me was when I tried was asked to flip my right hand back and forth on my left hand and I had trouble doing that. I went to physical theraphy and it was very difficult, when asked to grab a ball, throw a ball, etc.. I am fine other wise, normal but when I have to stop and think about the process I am so frustrated. I have searched the internet for hours, weeks and months trying to find out what is actually going on and I can not find anything to what I have been going through.. I think I boiled it down to mild cognitive impairment. Any help out there?


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