New upper jaw dental bridge causing EXTREME anxiety!!

Posted by innerdimensions @innerdimensions, Feb 18 1:09pm

Hello everyone, this is my first american but currently out of the country visiting in laws. A complete upper jaw "all on 4" bridge in the US costs about $15,, it costs $1400...had the work done here and the result is beautiful-i am 48 and havent had a full set of upper teeth since i was 16...but now that its installed, im freaking out cuz it feels so weird and foreign and its like my tongue just wants to push it out...ive been battling severe anxiety over this and cant make it stop. I cant sleep, cant eat, and my husband is hurt and VERY upset because i havent appropriately thanked him for everything he went through to have it done because ive been so wrapped up in this anxiety...we didnt even go to visit his 86 year old mom today cuz of the fight i inadvertently started when out of fear, exasperation and anxiety, i opened my mouth and said THIS THING FEELS SO WEIRD AND FOREIGN, MY BODY JUST WANTS TO GET RID OF IT!!! So now he thinks i dont appreciate him, it, or anything else hes ever done for me. The fight lasted from 9pm last night til basically 24 hours later..things still arent normal..i dont know what to do but i know i cant stand another day or night like this with him and the anxiety and panic. Im pacing, doing weird exercises, pleading to God to remove this from me, and nothing works😥

Has anyone else experienced stress and anxiety over something like this?Over a major dental reatoration? He said its abnormal for me to react this way and theres something wrong with me, then he said he thinks i damaged my brain from when i used drugs recreationally in my 20s🙄 He REALLY isnt helping the situation even though i understand my part in creating all this and hurting him.😔
One last thing i need to mention, the dental care in this country is excellent as far as the outcome is concerned, but the process is BRUTAL-no numbing agent before injections and they treat you like your a car going in to have an engine replacement...just imagine how "gentle" the mechanic is when hes busting nuts and bolts lose and grinding on things😖

Anyway, i took alprazolam 1mg before each appointment just to get through...i ended up with a frontal extraction and 5 teeth grounded down to almost nothing to accommodate the 1 piece bridge...i was in pain for DAYS as every tooth nub was sensitive to EVERYTHING-air, cold, liquids, chewing, etc so i took tylenol with codeine round the clock for the first 3 days, then as needed after that..(i also had a cold at the same time and my mose was constantly blocked despite using meds and mouth breathing wasnt an option..anyway, the problem is, there was some sort of psychological/neurotransmitter reaction between the codeine and the alprazolam/xanax which is probably why my anxiety and panic is so severe. On top of that, i developed a UTI and was given Ciprofloxacin which i didnt know til about 20 mins ago that that floroquinolone meds interact with benzos and INCREASE anxiety due ro the effect it has on GABA...And most doc and pharmacists dont know this...anyhow, i stopped cipro IMMEDIATELY but have no idea how long i will be in this psychological HELL..Everything was already so hard, perimenopause is hitting me viciously, i have long covid, dxd with fibromyalgia although dont have many symptoms much more so think it was either from long covid or its perimenopausal/hormonal...also, i have positive antiCCP with is indicative of rheumatoid arthritis...oh, and i have this weird tightening in my chest thats thus far undiagnosed via pulmonology and cardiology...apparently im "good to go" even though im in hell😭

Thanks for reading...any tips, thoughts, etc?

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While I can’t speak specifically to the type of work you had done,
This can be a common response for some people after any alterations to the area, especially from the neck up.

What would be best suggested at this time is to seek help regarding somatosensory processing and how to respond to that. People with implants and other surgeries have to go through this, but it’s rarely talked about when it’s from the neck up.

Implants of knees, hips etc…all use physical therapy to adjust. Unfortunately this is an area that is used for everything and houses a TON of nerves.
Maybe anything that can calm your nerves while you are adjusting to the new sensations.


Perhaps a review of the recent dental work when you return to the states?


Thanks for your comment. Definetly going to do that if i cant wrap things up here..this particular dentist basically owes me to finish the job, however, were only here 8 more days and have a ton of important stuff to take care of but its good to know that theres always hope-even if it has to be taken out and reworked, if thats at all possible...its just weird having all new teeth after so many not even sure what theyre SUPPOSED to feel like, all i know is theres definetly 2 teeth that need to be filed down significantly and another one or 2 that just need shaving a bit..hopefully that will resolve my issue...if it didnt feel weird, it wouldnt bother me, i dont think...i had a partial (5 tooth bridge) for the last 16 years that was removed and it never caused me anxiety,, but the area where my molars have been missing since my early 20s is the area thats freaking me idea why they made those 2 teeth so huge-its totally apparent when compared to the same teeth on the other side..thanks again for your comment and good vibes:) i need that rt now! Take care!


Was your bridge done IN a state in the US? It should fit comfortably, function well with your chewing and speaking. Getting used to it is one thing, but if it’s rocking or hurting, then definitely it’s not right. Price is one thing, but accuracy and quality care is most important. If you have discomfort or pain, go back to the fabricator of this dental bridge or seek a board certified prosthodontist, dentist or periodontist.


I know you posted this months ago and I hope this issues has already been resolved. I'm merely posting now because this just happened to me and I want to help anyone else going through the same as they come across this. I went through this crazy anxiety for over a week after having a temporary bridge put in. Along with many other crazy symptoms that got so bad I ended up in the emergency room. Turns out my immune system has gone in hyper drive and that's what was causing all the problems. I was put on strong steroids to calm my immune system down. Within the first day .. I began to get back to normal. Please if your body is telling you something is not right please go get checked out!

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