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I have extreme bone loss. I tried getting all implants on the top teeth but they wouldn’t take. Everyone implant failed. I went through infections and pain, fever,etc. I went to another dental surgeon touted to be the best inAtlanta. He sore he could make the implants work. I went through it all again. This time an infection went into my eye. More complications. I went through a lot. All implants failed a second time. I had not choice but to get dentures. They have been miserable since day one. I have nausea and anxiety every time I wear them. I only wear them now when I know I will be around people. At home I am toothless. I was once an attractive woman. I have lost confidence. I am sad all the time. I can’t eat out and now have digestive issues since my food is not chewed well. I only eat alone and just basically gum my soft foods. No more raw Vegs, steak, rolls or heavy bread. I’ve just excepted it. I am 69.
If anyone can offer advice I’d appreciate it. Thanks

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Im SO sorry to hear of your experience! Youre one heck of a strong woman to have survived all that♥️ My heart goes out to you and your situation. I dont know what else to say😞 My situation still hasnt resolved either. I have pain and am on pain killers almost every day. I know my anchor teeth are deteriorating as i shouldnt have pain at all under the bridge at this point. Ive been waiting 3 months for insurance to approve future work but honestly i wonder if i should just get full dentures at this point. I think anything else wont work out...i have ptsd from the previous experience and dont want to go through it again!