New to this a bit down and feel alone

Posted by jalamc @jalamc, Sep 17 11:28pm

Hi ,my name is jala I'm just curious on what we're your signs that you had colon/rectum cancer?how old were you? I'm only 25 and this is all overwhelming for me I feel like a burden on those around me I'm nervous, I'm scared ,I'm shock,I'm depressed, I'm unsure ,I'm not okay .

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Welcome @jalamc. I get that you feeling down and alone, nervous and scared, shocked and a whole alphabet soup of emotions. This is a big shock and it feels like life interrupted.

I also added your posted to the Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Cancer group here:

I did this so you can also connect with people in your age group. Cancer sucks and there are others that get it like @coffeesd @amandafl @micamica69 and others.

I also encourage you to join others in the monthly Zoom group coming up October 6. See more info here:
– YA, Me Too: Young Adult Cancer Support Group Meeting

Jalamc, where are at in your journey? Just diagnosed? In treatment?

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