New here..has anyone else been diagnosed with Vagus Nerve Dysfunction?

Posted by montgomery41 @montgomery41, Jan 21, 2018

I’m new to Mayo Clinic Connect and I’m wanting to connect with others that have been diagnosed with Vagus Nerve Dysfunction and other Digestive disorders. The diagnosis of Vagus Nerve Dysfunction and it was presented to me a little over two years ago and honestly, it wasn’t until I had seen my GI specialist last week that she was positive that I do have this disorder. I also have Gastroparesis, no surprise to me because that goes hand in hand with this, as well as, every single sign and symptom I have been experiencing since then. I will try to keep this brief. My history leading up to the Vagus Nerve Dysfunction was that I had Gastric Bypass surgery in 2003 and all my problems started after that. Since 2003 I have had nearly 23 both open and lap abdominal surgeries for gallbladder removal, ventral hernia repairs x 4, appendix, revision to my gastric bypass due to perforation at the anastomosis site, bowel obstructions/strictures, lysis of adhesions and the final straw was I had my gastric bypass reversed two years ago because I could not eat or drink and I had lost 65lbs. in 2 months, nearly died before my surgeon placed a g-tube then a j-tube for tube feedings. I never really tolerated the tube feedings either. My surgeon stated by the time I had my reversal done it took him 2 1/2 hours just to remove all the abdominal adhesions that I had before he could perform the surgery he was going to due. Of course, now I have a frozen abdomen, which basically means no surgeon will ever touch my abdomen again to perform surgery. Now, I feel like I’ve been handed a life sentence because there isn’t a cure and it’s all about symptom management. If anyone knows about Vagus Nerve Dysfunction, basically all major organs are connected to this cranial nerve and it affects everything! I know this is true because I am trying to deal with this every day of my life and I’m struggling. I’m not coping very well and didn’t know what others with similar symptoms are handling this? I can’t even sit down to eat with my family to eat because I want to eat but can’t and my husband doesn’t want to see me go through this. Hearing from others would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much if you have read my entire post.


Hi Michelle, Welcome to Connect. We have several members talking about a damaged vagus nerve in the Digestive Health group ( Please meet @cummings3 @gorkii @citygirlannie @peck1944 and others. You may be interested in reading their stories in these discussions:
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Let me know if you’d like me to move this discussion to the Digestive Health group.

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