Posted by maricia @maricia, Oct 7, 2019

It took a fall and a concussion for ER to do an MRI showing few lesions in the brain .. seems I have notmuch choice but almost immediately do a full-brain radiation in the town where I live Florida. Seems urgent. Scary about what MIGHT be damaged. Sight? memory? Taking lots of steroids now to lower swelling around the brain from the concussion. Any thoughts about FULL brain radiation? Maricia

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Hi @maricia, I can imagine you're scared. Members @karenatmayo and @wendeth have had whole brain radiation for metastatic breast cancer.

Maricia, Have the lesions on the brain been identified as metastatic breast cancer (cancer that has spread to the brain)?


@maricia and welcome to Mayo Connect,

I am sure you are finding this frightening. Please know that you always have the right to get a second opinion.

Have you begun to feel better now that you are taking the steroids?

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