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I have a fib and I am a 68 yr old woman. Please send all your data for people with atrial fib.


Hello. I also am a 68 year old women with afib, diagnosed in 2014. I take 12.5 mg Metropolol and also Xarelto daily. I don't seem to have any bad side effects from these medications although I generally do not like taking medications. If I take an extra Metropolol when in afib as doctor suggested, my blood pressure seems to drop too much so I don't take that extra very often. My afib comes and goes; it happens 2-3 times per week and I definitely feel terrible when it is happening. When I am in afib I have shortness of breath and am extremely fatigued. When it stops I feel much better. At the suggestion of a friend who has a homeopathic doctor, I am currently trying daily foot soaks with magnesium oil (magnesium chloride), along with 100 mg Ubiquinol daily, and am hoping that will help. A few months ago, my doctor was all set to put in a pacemaker which he said might relieve some of the symptoms but I am not sure I want to do that.


Hello @tigas,

Welcome to Connect. I’d like to introduce you to other members who have talked about a-fib here in the community, and who may be able to share their experiences. Please meet @martishka @twptrustrek @jhoffmanj @irishblueileen @billmichalski @success101 @nadine66 @carnes @jimana Mentor @hopeful33250, in addition to @karenatmayo who you’ve already met.

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@tigas, what kind of a-fib data are you looking for? Do you have questions or concerns about the a-fib? Please feel free to ask away – the Connect community is listening.

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