Never smoked or been around it & diagnosed with COPD at 32

Posted by brittanykathleen @brittanykathleen, Feb 24, 2022

Hi guys. Just seeing if there’s anyone out there like me. I got a bronchitis when i was 32. Its parting gift was obstruction in my lungs- that has no reversibility to bronchodilators. Ive done tons of scans and tests. No alpha 1 gene, no allergies, just obstruction. Yet i have shortness of breath, mucus and cough all day and inhalers dont seem to help much. Not even trelegy. Strong nebulizers of ipratropium bromide help tho. But nothings perfect. Ive never been around smoke and was always healthy and active before. Anyone like me?

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@brittanykathleen welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am one of the mentors for this group and although I haven't had your experience I do have COPD. I see that you have had a Pulmonary Function Test to see if you have Asthma, and blood work to see if you have any infections. I've also had bronchitis and with all of the coughing and lung inflammation, I can understand how awful and painful this can be.

Was your bronchitis initially caused by an infection?

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