Neuropathy & Exercise

Posted by southwind @southwind, Nov 13, 2019

How have you received enough physical exercise while dealing with neuropathy?? Do you walk in spite of the condition; tiptoe to get around; particular exercise program, etc.?



@jesfactsmon, Hank, I think what you wrote about not being able to ease the pain of someone we care so deeply about is one of the worst predicaments for the caregiver. Your lovely lady, whether she responds first to "wife" or "girlfriend", vbg, definitely looks like a keeper! …upon reflection, that she has kept you around for 43 years or so? says that you must certainly have a redeeming quality or two yourself! lol Best to you both during this time of pandemic in which all aspects of our lives are being turned upside down.

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@fiesty76 Well, I guess she's always liked "darlin" a lot. Yeah, I'm glad she didn't dump me the couple times she got real fed up with me back in the early years. Best to you too during the present craziness as well, Hank

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