Need your advice: 10 year old with poor immune system

Posted by khaldoon70 @khaldoon70, Jan 13, 2020

I am a single parent living in UAE. my 10 year old daughter has a bad immunity system. She gets long flues/colds that could take 2-3 weeks and once recovers she could easily catch it back from any one nearby.
I am attaching her recent medical tests, looking for your medical advice.

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Hi @khaldoon70, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, an online community where people can share experiences and ask each other questions about any health issue. You'll notice that I removed the attachment to your daughter's medical record. I did this because Connect is a public forum and there was personally identifying information about her and the medical institution on the document. You can upload it again if you removed the ID information. We want to protect your daughter's medical privacy.

On Connect, you can share experiences with fellow members and parents. However it sounds like you would like professional medical advice. If yes, I encourage you to contact Mayo Clinic International Services Here is the information in Arabic and the Visitor Guide Alternatively, you can contact the Mayo Clinic Care Network ( in your country: American Hospital Dubai, UAE.

Does your daughter have a condition that causes her to have a suppressed immune system?

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