Need Postural Drainage Tips and Advice.

Posted by healthybon @healthybon, Nov 11 9:20am

I am thinking of adding postural drainage to my daily nebulizing and exercise regimen.
Does anyone do postural drainage? Who taught you how? Did you go to a respiratory therapist for training?

All ideas and opinions on this are welcomed.

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In a previous discussion I posted this, given to me by RT and another a page copied from a book. For me positions of sitting upright, laying on right then left side while using autogenic drainage helps. I try to get out as much as I can upright before laying on my sides. Depends on where your bronchiectasis is.

Some of the positions illustrated are challenging to get in. Experiment with what works. Sadly, there are no short cuts, believe me I have tried to find them!


YouTube has a lot of videos.

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