Need Help..peripheral neuropathy, chronic widespread pain and weakness

Posted by sues3gems @sues3gems, Aug 31, 2011

Hello. I’m hoping to obtain help from either a Mayo Clinic patient or Mayo Clinic Staff. I am 47 years old, female, married. For the past 10 years, I’ve been suffering with the diseases/symptoms that I have listed on my profile. However, the ones that are the most painful and have left me disabled are the peripheral neuropathy (nerve pain in both feet,legs,hands,arms), chronic widespread pain and weakness. fibromylagia and chronic fatigue, . I’ve been from doctor to doctor, with a host of med;s and the latest is a alternative doctor who has taken me off of gluten and dairy. It’s been 3 months abstained from gluten and dairy but to no avail… my nerve pain and chronic fatigue and everything else remains! She tells me it takes about a year for me to abstain from gluten and dairy for my body to begin to heal and my symptoms to to heal therefore, my pain can go away. Is this true? I’m now considering a trip to Mayo Clinic because I don’t know what to believe anymore..I’m desperate to find out why my pain continues. My med’s are: 600 mg. Neurontin 3 x day, Fentanyl Patch 75 mcg., Topamax 150 mg., Plaquenil 100 mg, Armor thyroid 60 mcg., Herbal Vitamins for Andrenal Glands

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I would definately see what the Mayo docs have to say. Its seems like you have nothing to lose. Good luck!


a second opinion can’t hurt if you presently have no relief from pain and your on all those drugs.


I also suffer from periferal neuropathy and symptoms you speak of. I have been to a number of drs. And now with one in Albany, ny. What a frustration!! My five minute appointment with my specialist left me more confused. No dialog, no concern and the next step is lidocaine treatments via Iv. So I have contacted the periferal neuropathy ago animation. If you would like I,ll update you. Good luck, I know what you are going through. I use to hike, bike , kayak and more. Last year had to stop. I have set a goal to get better for this summer and make up for last.

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