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I suffer from idiopathic neuropathy, I had a knee replacement done 6-7-22. I have been having problems with muscle spasms as well as the neuropathy to the point I am unable to handle the pain! The surgeon had started me on Tramvdol and a muscle relaxer Diazipam. This was not covering the muscle spasms at all so he xhanged me to Flexeril. Since starting Flexeril my idiopathic neuropathy has spiked to uncontrollable levels. The Dr. has not altered his course and I am in misery with my feet burning as well as the muscle discomfort. I have only gotten 4 hours sleep in the past three nights! Help! Has anyone had these problems? Is the Flexeril causing the issues? I am using the prescribed drug for pain ( tramadol ) this does not at all cover my discomfort! Beginning to have very depressive thoughts. Any ideas from anyone. I am typing this at 3 am in the morn as I cannot get rest! I am unable to take Ambien, as well as Klonopin which I took prior to surgery as they don’t mix with the meds Dr. prescribed! Any help would be helpful, I cannot handle this anymore! Life with this kind of pain isn’t worth continuing!

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So very sorry this is happening , I know the feeling when you keep trying to help yourself and nothing seems to work. I agree with Bill below, I take Gabapentin ( 2800 ) and Hydrocodone for small fiber neuropathy’s . It at least takes the edge off and I can sleep. I do use half of a Xanax when I cannot sleep. Hoping this helps you .

Hello— I has your same dark thoughts about life after my severe polyneuropathy hit last year after surgery and a couple of unrelated infections left me unable to walk, and with a dropped left foot. Gabapentin has been a help for pain, and so has Telehealth family therapy for my husband and me, along with antidepressant medication, which I initially resisted. I have a group of Zoom friends working on spirituality I get on with daily to start my day.
There is also a monthly meeting of the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy on Zoom, and they have a Facebook Group. You are not alone in the physical and paychic agony that neuropathy brings into our lives, and for whatever comfort it may offer, you are not alone. Keep writing.

According to drugs.com one of the less common side effects of flexeril is numbness, tingling, pain, or weakness in hands or feet. My understanding is to look for this type of wording when looking for neuropathy side effects. Not sure if it is related but maybe do some research and bring this up with your doctor. Wishing you some relief.

Sorry for your situation. I’ve had peripheral neuropathy for 20+ years and the the the first thing I will tell you is that tramadol is junk for most people, it’s a very weak drug. I live with the same exact symptoms that you have. My only relief is I take 3000mg of Gabapentin/daily ( you need to work up to it). My real lifesaver is I take 3 10mg of oxycodone/daily even though I will tell you that it’s not near enough but it’s all my “pain doctor” will prescribe. Since the geniuses in the government started deciding instead of our own doctors what was an appropriate amount of pain medication (narcotics) to prescribe I would say millions of people in this country suffer everyday. Hopefully your primary care physician can steer you in the right direction. Good luck.