Nausea, Pain and Headaches after Gallbladder laparoscopic Surgery

Posted by kalenkerby @kalenkerby, Oct 21, 2018

Hello. I am a Male 32. I had my gall bladder removed 4 days ago. Since I have had strange pains and feelings. Nausea after I eat Everytime. I realized after it's removal my stomach will have swelling, but it feels like there is a Large Knot just right of my Belly button. I also have had severe Hunger type pains. It's the only thing that I can compare it too. Very bad and painful pains that resemble Severe Hunger pains. I have also had headaches since the surgery. Mainly the right back of my head, it feels like there is a Knot under my skull almost. It doesn't hurt severely, but it does hurt sometimes worse than others. And nothing seems to help. Almost a throbbing pain. And of course pain across my entire abdomen. Top to bottom. Side to side. Which is to be expected I guess. But I have have more pain in my right chest and under my left breast off and on. What of these are to be expected and not?

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Hello. I'm curious if your "hunger pains" ever subsided? I had gb removal a year ago and have recently started severe hunger pains throughout the day?? They come suddenly so I feel like I might projectile vomit at times. Usu don't last long. Seems like if I eat they go away but it happens even when I should not b hungry?? I had these symptoms briefly just before the surgery also but not near as bad. Any suggestions welcome plz

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Have you had an endoscopy? I had severe hunger pains and in an endoscopy ulcers were found.

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