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Posted by lotsofpain @lotsofpain, Feb 7, 2021

I have been using a nasonex another similar sprays for a number of years when I was in hospital recently or something unconnected the doctor told me but long-term use when makes the spray largely useless do people have views about this

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@lotsofpain-you would have to be more specific.
What were you originally using it for? And what other sprays were you using?

•Were/are you having issues with the sprays before this doctor said something?
•Or has now that the fact this doctor made a comment and caused you to worry about something you probably weren’t thinking about (doctors do this often) caused you to get on here to ask this question?


Originally for hay fever and sinus. When I was in hospital the nurses gave me my regular medicines and when the doctor did his rounds he says what am I taking it and if I've been taking it for a long time I'm there was no point that's why I posted because my GP as never queried it no they are not very good at reviewing medicines long term


@lotsofpain-I would speak to your allergist about it, if you have one. Educate yourself on the why/how steroidal sprays work in the nose. Don’t get info directly from the manufacturer, as they will always claim safe and effective.
The nasal epithelial skin in the nasal cavity and sinuses are very special and delicate. It’s not just like other skin on the body. And everyone use of sprays, for different reasons. Given what I know personally (disclaimer), long term steroidal topical use is not really a good thing on any type of skin, let alone nasal mucosa. Again this is my personal opinion given what I know. I would really speak to an allergist who can discuss with you what is best for your situation and body.


Hello…. this conversation caught my eye when I was looking for help with an ear problem – hope am not interfering.
Am in Canada and choice can be Nasonex or Flonase or generic equivalents. Flonase was suggested to me by emergency room doctor on call (I have no family doctor) when I presented with pain in my ear, but no apparent infection. When I bought it at pharmacy the pharmacist mentioned this corticosteroid would not reach the inner ear.. when I got home I read about the medication and glad I did as I have Glaucoma!
All meds seem, to me, to have a good and bad side…. and corticosteroids raise eye pressure which is a no-no for me so the spray is sitting here unopened.

So then I searched more on computer (which I know doctors frown upon but I use trusted sites)… and I read that the length of time one can use Nasonex is determined by your doctor … yet other sites say different things. It says Flonase can be used up to six months, yet I have read three days! So I am wondering if these steroids can be used for a certain length of time, overall, but only for a few days at a time?

I find it used to be that big pharma always said their meds were safe but I think, some of them any way, are now also showing side effects and interactions – possibly because they have been sued in the past and are now giving us the good, the gad and the ugly. It annoys me when my pharmacist tells me the meds are safe and that the "side effects" and cautions are for insurance purposes etc!!! I got neuropathy from taking a drug, Norflox, and my doctor at the time and pharmacist did not warn me of the possible side effects so now I dont trust anything!

lotsofpain: I also don't know the answer, but rather than a steroid becoming useless with long term use as that doctor said…. my humble opinion would be that the less you use it, the safer it can be…. agree with you nrd1. However, I have no medical training its just from what I have read, but may I suggest that next eye exam you tell your optometrist you are using a corticosteroid…. and its a very quick, short and painless test to check your eye pressure if he doesnt already do.

I hope this isn't another worry for you but now I do have Glaucoma there are many many meds I cannot take, including nasal sprays… and I mention my case only because I wish someone had warned me about it. Steroids work but because a doctor has now got you wondering, you will feel better having it checked out?? Hope you get an answer and maybe have your original reason for being given a steroid revisited and, if it works and if it is still safe for you to use, you wont have to worry about it any more. Best of luck, J. (sorry this is long but I chat too much, lol)

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