My son has liver disease in the last stages. He refuses to see Dr.

Posted by mindylq @mindylq, Aug 7 11:35pm

My son found out his liver has feel and more orgens will also feel also 7 months ago that he has about 16-24 months to live. He just told us. He doesn't want to go to the Dr or hospital. He has Excepted it. I have tried everything to get him to go. They told him there is nothing that could be done for him. With that said I have searched for signs and symptoms to look for and I cant find anything that could help me to help him thru this and to make him comfortable. He has children and I don't want them to find him gone. I don't know if I sound stupid or making any since. If anyone could help id be very grateful

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Is he a accepting any help, are his wife and children aware at all that he has this ? They have the right to know and prepare and try to comfort him, to spend as much quality time with him as possible


Yes his wife knows but kids are 7, 5, and 3 years old. He is not wanting help..


So hard to comment … must be very stressful for you… I did have a reaction to your comment but it would only be my opinion and I have no medical training… perhaps one of our Moderators on this site can comment or perhaps someone who has had this happen in their family. My husband is not quite the same but has a lot of medical issues and does not follow doctors' orders … it is his choice but hard on the people who love him. I hope you get some helpful advice here and as a mother myself, can only imagine what you are going through.

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