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Posted by kinnu @kinnu, Mar 2 2:21pm

Hey there,

My o2 readings seem to change a lot. Watching it for a full minute it changed wildly from 92 to 97. It sticks at about 95-94 mostly. I am Obese and I do have sleep Apnea, but I am on a CPAP. I guess im worried cause I hit the 92-93 occasionally. Havnt seen below 90.

The other night my Whopp band told me my night 02 levels were 92, which was the lowest I have seen on the report ever.

I was curious as to if these numbers are of concern or if it's normal for an Obese person with little exercise.

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My pulmonologist has told me anything above 96 is considered 100%. I wasn't put on oxygen until I started dipping below 80. When I go for my 6 minute walk, at times I will dip down to 93 and they are not worried about that at all. I was also told years ago that everyone's oxygen dips as they sleep. As far as I know, it doesn't matter if you are obese or not though, which I am not. Although I have heard that obese people need the CPAP and tend to have sleep apnea more often. So as you are most likely well aware of, if you loose some weight, you might not need the CPAP machine any longer.


@kinnu It is quite normal for oxygen levels to fluctuate as we breathe, and readings in the 90's are considered OK in most cases. If you want to improve the oxygen-carrying capacity, you need to move as much as possible. This need not be strenuous exercise - even mild exercise repeated, many times a day, will improve your fitness level over time. When I was rehabbing after a long and serious infection, at first I got up and walked around, indoors or out, 5 minutes every hour. Each week I lengthened the time by a minute. Gradually I was able to take longer walks, up to 30 minutes, twice a day. Even getting up and doing housework - putting in a load of laundry, sweeping the floor, loading the dishwasher or washing dishes - counts as movement.
Can you try this?

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