Muscle Spams and Neuropathy

Posted by jeanniem @jeanniem, Jun 10 8:21am

I was diagnosed last year with small and large fiber neuropathy. Originally, the neurologist said that he thought it was a slow-moving peripheral neuropathy. Since then, it has been suggested that this is an atypical polyneuropathy. And things are advancing at a pretty regular basis.

One symptom that has increased significantly over the last couple of months is muscle spasms. I am having them in my lower leg and foot and there is one spasm in particular that just won't stop. It is beginning to last longer and longer. For those of you that have neuropathy, is this a common symptom?

@jeanniem, You will notice that we changed the title of your discussion a little to better describe the discussion so members who have experience can share it with you. I have idiopathic small fiber PN and have had leg cramps and muscle spasms in the past but not as frequent as you are having. I know hydration can play a part in cramps and muscle spasms so I try to drink lots of water during the day. Another thing that helps me is to keep my legs moisturized with a good lotion to keep the skin from drying out. The peripheral nerves are close to the skin and I believe keeping the skin from drying out helps the nerves. Here's some information you might find helpful.

"Does neuropathy cause muscle spasms?
What are the symptoms of peripheral nerve damage? Symptoms are related to the type of nerves affected. Motor nerve damage is most commonly associated with muscle weakness. Other symptoms include painful cramps, fasciculations (uncontrolled muscle twitching visible under the skin) and muscle shrinking." — Peripheral Neuropathy Fact Sheet | NIH:

"Mar 29, 2021 — In contrast, motor neuropathy will produce symptoms of muscle weakness, uncontrollable muscle twitching, loss of balance and reflexes, lack of …" — Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms – News Medical:

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