Multiple Sclerosis and Gut Health

Posted by msbattler @msbattler, Nov 29, 2021

Do you think by healing a leaky gut, we can maybe heal our MS, or symptoms maybe a better way of putting it. Did a leaky gut cause our MS in the first place? The best way to repair a leaky gut?

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Hi @msbattler, your question intrigued me. I had no idea that this was link that is being researched. This article gives a nice plain language overview with links to multiple research studies and evidence.

– What’s the Latest on the Link Between MS and Your Gut?

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MSBattler, do you have gastro-intestinal issues? How are they being managed?


Hello @msbattler and @colleenyoung

This is also of interest to me. There has also been evidence linking Parkinson's Disease with gut issues, including leaky gut. I find it interesting that two neurological issues can be tied to the GI tract. As I've had three surgeries of the upper GI tract I am interested in seeing how this research unfolds.

Here is a link to some websites that discuss this interesting correlation,

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