Moya moya

Posted by mamabear7116 @mamabear7116, Apr 5, 2018

My 20 month had a stroke and an aneurysm leak, and we found out he has moya moya. He had a procedure to help but it takes 3 to 6 months for it to work. Right now he has seizures and mood problems and most of all pain in his head.

Hi @mamabear7116 and welcome to Connect.
I'm tagging fellow members @sallen52 @micayla09 @rdrreed on this discussion in the hopes that they will join the conversation and share their experiences of moyamoya with you.

I can't imagine what this journey has been like for you. As a parent, we always wish we could spare our children all pain and suffering. Can you tell me more about the procedure your son had? How do you manage his mood problems, seizures and the pain? It must be such a challenge for him to understand what is going on.


I'm so sorry I'm 49 and I got moyamoya 2 give him alot of love because moyamoya cause alot of headache Good luck and God bless!!


Hello @yolandar

Welcome to Mayo Connect. I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis of Moyamoya, but I appreciate you adding to this discussion.

If you are comfortable sharing more about yourself: How long ago were your diagnosed? What type of symptoms do you have? What type of treatments have you had?

I look forward to getting to know you better and wish you well!


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