Mother of special needs children losing her mind

Posted by mrsjoanie @mrsjoanie, Jan 11, 2017

I am a 50 year old mother/step-mother and have 7) children of which 3 (ages 14-30) were born with microcephaly. It is a constant thing and I’m trying my 2nd anti-depressant/anxiety med and am going crazy and long for the “train to stop” so I can get off. Are there other mothers out there with special need children that have found answers to surviving and living happily from day to day or rather night to night and being the support to their children that I should be? Thank you, Mrs. Joanie

I am 86 years old and have a 63 year old daughter with a disability. It is now thought that she is on the autism spectrum. When she was young there were multiple diagnoses. Learning has been a challenge for her but she has been able to achieve much more than we would have even hoped for. She is high functioning but yet needs attention with many things. Her progress is what has made me face each day and often with a smile. I have battled depression much of my life due to several childhood traumas and then the difficulty in caring and fearing for my daughter. I have always said that when we are given special children we should get eternal life. My greatest fears have always been what happens when I am no longer here. Enough for now. H ang in there. There is some sunshine amidst the clouds.

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